About ShoaWorks

    ShoaWorks established in 2006, offers consultancy services in graphic design covering all aspects of web and print media. ShoaWorks' focus remains on delivering world-class design solutions to a clientele spanning mid-corporate and start-up IPO's, as well as established brands and organisations. ShoaWorks has earned the trust and loyalty of Clients worldwide, including USA, UK, UAE and India.


    ShoaWorks provides design solutions, encompassing the following:


    Corporate ID Development (Logo Design)


    Character Development


    Handheld UIs (Design only)


    Website Design (Static & Web Responsive)


    Desktop Apps UI (Design only)


    Print Media Design


  • Meet the founder

    Shoa Malik, the Art Director, studied at one of Pakistan's pre-eminent creative alma maters, National College of Arts (NCA), and graduated top of her class in Graphic Design in 1999; a recipient of the Chughtai Award. After graduating, she joined one of the top ad agencies in the country (Evernew Concepts Pvt. Ltd.), where she focused on print media and worked on campaigns for local and international brands.

    Shoa's keen interest in layouts and UI design led her from the world of print media into web and software UI design, and after a stint as lead designer at one of Pakistan's leading software houses (Techlogix Pvt. Ltd.), she emerged in 2006 with ShoaWorks, her independent design consultancy.
    Key Clients

  • "Shoa is talented in several areas and delivered creative designs for Jarus and our customers. In addition to graphic design of our web and mobile applications, she also creates all our online and print media. She is very artistic and always exceeds our expectation with brilliant designs"

    Sundar Vallinayagam
    CEO, Jarus Technologies Inc.

    "Shoa has worked with me on several projects over the past 8 years. She is a very rare talent who combines artistic skills, logical thinking, and personal integrity. Shoa walks her clients through the process of creating user-experience with such an ease that they feel in complete control of the end product; resulting in a product that pleases the eye as much as tickles the imagination. All of that and NEVER missing a deadline!"

    Mubashar Hameed
    CEO, CaliberVantage Inc.

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ShoaWorks operates from:

Lahore, Pakistan
London, United Kingdom
Soon to have presence in the U.A.E.

For information and queries, please send an email at info@shoaworks.com

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