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Parallel Lines


Graphic Design Consultant


Shoa Malik, the Graphic Design Consultant, graduated at the top of her class, from the prestigious National College of Arts (NCA), in Pakistan - majoring in Graphic Design, with minors in Photography and Ceramics. She is a recipient of the Chughtai Award - a President of Pakistan award given to the top-performer across all schools in the institution.

After graduating in 1999, she joined a team of graphic designers working at one of the elite ad agencies in the country, Evernew Concepts, where she focused on print media and worked on ad campaigns for major local and international brands.

Shoa's keen interest in layouts and UI design led her from the world of print media into web and software UI design; and she joined Techlogix Pvt. Ltd. - one of Pakistan's leading global software houses, as Lead Designer.


After gaining significant experience in the world of advertising, she emerged in 2006 with ShoaWorks, her independent design consultancy which has been providing graphic design services since, to a growing and varied clientele globally.

Shoa Malik
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The Artist

Along with ShoaWorks, her full-time Graphic Design Consultancy, Shoa is also an art enthusiast. Over the past decade, she has been creating abstract art which has been showcased in multiple exhibitions notably in London and Berlin; with an upcoming exhibition in Dubai (World Art Dubai, May 2024).

To Shoa, fine art has always been an expression of the inner self – a form of expression that can be as specific or as vague as the soul desires – a culmination of ideas. 

She strongly feels that the freedom of expression in fine art, compliments and enhances her creative process in graphic designing at ShoaWorks.

Learn more about her artworks and exhibitions at: ShoaArtworks


Other Interests poetry.foodie.weight training.offkey fashion. cats.interior design.tattoos.

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